Inframoura inaugurated photovoltaic plant and launched App Inframoura Share

On 9 July, at the Inframoura building in Vilamoura, the photovoltaic plant installed in the company building was inaugurated, as well as the Inframoura Share App. The Board of Directors of Inframoura, the President and Deputy Mayor of Loulé - Vitor Aleixo and Pedro Pimpão and the General Director of AREAL - Cláudio Casimiro were present.
The photovoltaic power plant, which started operating on June 19, according to the company, has already produced very positive results in terms of energy efficiency, allowing consumption in the building to be almost entirely based on renewable sources.
As for the Inframoura Share App, aimed at sharing the management of the public space of Vilamoura with the citizen, it allows not only the reporting of occurrences, complaints and suggestions, but also the consultation of several warnings and events taking place in this area, aiming at optimize resources, shorten the average time to respond to the needs of citizens, evaluate the results and perform the monitoring of the tasks in real time, being able to anticipate situations, based on the analysis of the history of the reports, optimizing time and material costs.