Innovation in customer service

To progressively reduce the use of paper and to simplify the communication channels are challenges that Inframoura wants to undertake, focusing on environmental sustainability and customer proximity. 
The campaign ‘Be Digital’, in progress until December 31st 2018, whose aim is to encourage Inframoura customers to join electronic invoicing, as well as pre-authorised direct debit, also has a social responsibility dimension. By adhering to this system, each customer will be contributing with a donation of €2 to the António Aleixo Foundation, a public utility institution that provides a variety of social services in the borough of Loulé (to activate this service, customers just have to click on the link Electronic Invoice).  
The SMS Delivery Service, through which Inframoura reports to its customers the monthly payments, water cut-off notifications, or invoices due dates is also fully operational
Inframoura also has a complaints book available in digital format, enabling its customers to submit complaints or information requests online. The complaints system is based on a new digital platform but is not a substitute for the traditional complaints book that remains available on Inframoura premises.
App Inframoura Share
To report a problem in public space, to receive useful information or to get information about the events that are taking place in Vilamoura is now made easier to residents and visitors via the established IT application ‘Inframoura Share’
Within its strategy for innovation and close proximity with Vilamoura residents and visitors, Inframoura recently launched an interactive application for mobile devices which allows people to participate in public space management.
To report occurrences in real time with which they will come across in Vilamoura, from deteriorated roads, to damaged road signs or a delay in in garbage-collection, residents and visitors only have to download the application to their mobile devices. The big advantage is that it speeds up the entire process. To report a situation, the user only has to identify the location, the type of occurrence, take a photo and make a brief description. The information transmitted can be placed in one of five categories: Water, Facilities/Devices(?), Cleaning, Signage, Roadways, Gardens and Waste.
Those who report the problems have also got the possibility to follow up all the process of its resolution in real time. This new system of shared management for the public space results in a significant reduction of average response time from Inframoura when dealing with the problems reported by residents and visitors. This way, material resources and costs are optimised, making it easier to anticipate future situations, by analyzing the history of the situations reported.
Apart from the occurrences reported, the application also provides a calendar of all events and warnings. The application is free of charge and is available to download in Google Play and App Store in four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.