Potentialise, Improve, Adapt

Potentialising  Vilamoura, to improve its infrastructures, to adapt the urban spaces to the new demands imposed by the change of daily habits and by the growing concern towards climate changes, are goals defined by Inframoura’s current board of directors, in seamless cooperation with Vilamoura World and Loulé Municipality.

Upon taking office last 1st March 2018, I made this commitment with Inframoura and, above all, with the residents and visitors to Vilamoura, as it is a destination of excellence and a reference either to live in or to visit.

With this in mind, and with our eyes set on sustainable development, several solutions were implemented to improve people’s living conditions; to manage resources in a more effective and efficient way; and to minimize gas emission.

In Vilamoura, it is now possible to charge cars powered by electricity; to take part in the management of public space in real time through Inframoura Share App; to have access to free Wi-Fi on João Meireles Avenue. 

And regarding the encouragement of best practice, there would be no point if Inframoura were not setting a good example itself. This way, Inframoura headquarters have been equipped with a photovoltaic power plant, which produces almost all the energy needed. At the same time, awareness campaigns have been developed in order to reduce paper consumption. 

It is, therefore, our ambition that in a near future Vilamoura will be able to make clean alternative, accessibility and mobility for all, urban spaces of excellence, as well as better conditions for the soft modes of mobility (pedestrian and bike trail) available.

In this context and in partnership with Loulé Municipal Council, several projects have been developed, some of them being in tender procedure; others about to start to be implemented; a few about to be concluded; and some already concluded.

Through this synergy between Inframoura, Vilamoura World and Loulé Municipality we have no doubt that all commitments undertaken will be fully honoured.

We would like to invite you now to help us take care of Vilamoura.


José Miguel

CEO Inframoura