What is the “Vilamoura Public Bikes” system?

Vilamoura Public Bikes is Vilamoura's shared use bicycle system. It is a public transport system whereby bicycle use is shared. The bicycles may be used within the entire Vilamoura area to travel to work or for leisure purposes, by using a personal card.

Who can join it?

Any Inframoura customer may join the Vilamoura Public Bikes system, i.e., any individual person or collective organisation that has a water supply and services contract with Inframoura.

How does it operate

The system comprises 37 stations (with a total number of 310 bicycle parking spaces) in various locations in order to provide service throughout the whole of Vilamoura, in both the business/tourist and residential areas.

The stations have between 20 and 6 parking places, each one having individual attachment points to secure bicycles and a post to read user cards.

The system is designed so that any user may collect or return a bicycle at any station, thus avoiding the need to travel to and from a single central control hub.

The system automatically carries out a one-to-one transfer between a card and the bicycle Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), and is able to control the usage of each card as far as bicycles utilised are concerned, as well as the routes taken.

How can I obtain my card

Customers may join the system at the Inframoura head office or by internet at: www.inframoura.pt After the user's details have been validated and the operating rules and regulations form is signed, he/she shall receive a user card at the Inframoura office or conveniently at home by post.

Are there any costs to join the system?

The first card per customer is free. Each Inframoura customer may acquire more cards. Residential customers may acquire cards up to the maximum standard number of beds in the property. (E.g., a 2-bedroom apartment is allotted a maximum of 4 cards, that is, 2 bedrooms x 2 beds each). Business establishments (e.g., shops or restaurants) may obtain up to 5 cards, and hotels up to 20 cards, at the price of €10.00 each.

To validate cards, users must charge them for period of either one month, a quarter or a year at a cost of €15.00, €20.00 or €30.00 respectively, and leave a deposit as explained in reply to Question 6.

As soon as the cards are validated for the selected periods, customers may use the system for an unlimited number of 45-minute periods.

When any utilisation period exceeds 45 minutes, extra tariffs are applied in accordance with the charging method of each card, as per the following table:

Card Type

1st half hour after the 45-minute one period

2nd and further half-hour periods

1 Month

€ 1.00

€ 1.50

1 Quarter

€ 1.00

€ 1.50

1 Year

€ 0.75

€ 1.50

How are the periods in excess of 45 minutes payable?

When cards are validated, customers leave a minimum deposit of either €5.00 (to use the system for either 1 month or 1 quarter) or €10.00 (to use the system for 1 year). If bicycles are used beyond the initial 45-minute periods, the applicable tariff shall be deducted from the deposit made. As soon as any deposit is depleted, the customer shall be informed that a new deposit is required to enable him/her to continue to use the system. Should any deposit not be fully depleted at the end of the system utilisation period, the amount will be returned at the customer's request.

Can I lend my card to a friend?

Yes, the card may be used by another person than the contracted holder, however the card holder shall be held responsible for proper use of the bicycle as well as compliance of the rules and regulations established in the contract.

Repairs of any damage caused to bicycles due to incorrect use shall be payable by the card holders in question who may lose the right to use them, without prejudice to their having to absorb the costs relating to such repairs.

As a tourist, can I use the system?

Yes, any tourist staying in Vilamoura may use the Vilamoura Public Bikes system. If you rent a property and do not have a water supply contract with Inframoura, you may use the property owner's card. If you are a hotel guest you can ask for a card at the hotel reception.

What are the operating times?

From 7:00am to 2:00am in July and August, and 8:00am to 8:00pm during the remaining months.

How do I park the bicycle?

The stations were designed to simplify use of the system. When you arrive alongside the platform you only need to fit the wheel into the groove to attach the bicycle. Do not abandon the bicycle without making sure that it is properly attached to the post (the reader screen shows the message "Obrigado/Thank you". If you notice any fault with the reader on the post, please use another attachment post and/or contact the help phone line shown on both your card and the station information panel.

How do I report a fault or breakdown?


If a you notice any fault with the bicycle or the attachment post, you can report it by merely pressing the "tool" key (1) and confirm (2) and then just pass your card over the reader.