Mission, Vision and Values

The company's mission is to render a service of true excellence in the areas of management, conservation and maintenance of all public areas, and protect the environment to the highest standards, to ensure a superior quality of life in the Vilamoura area.

Inframoura's culture is grounded in noble rendering of public service. We exist in order to improve the quality of life of Vilamoura's residents and tourists, and consequently stimulate its economic growth, reputation and image of our stakeholders.
We believe in those who work with us day in, day out to build Vilamoura. We are proud of our employees who look after this resort as if it were an extension of their homes, as a team and in an atmosphere that stimulates knowledge and expansion.
We believe in the opportunities that the wide-open world of globalisation provides. We are steadfast in complying with the rules and the conscientiousness of all behaviour aimed at assuring freedom, equality of access to information and work, impartiality and justice in our personal and professional relationships.
We wish to create the eco-city of the future in Vilamoura, within the maximum span of ten years, and position it increasingly as a National Reserve of Quality of Life. 

Inframoura Administration/Direction is composed by:

Chairman of the Board - José Miguel
Executive Officer -  Leonel José Miguel da Silva  curricular note 
Executive Officer - Isolete Jerónimo Café Correia  curricular note


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