Improvements To Pinhal Velho

Inframoura has made improvements to access roads and pavements of the first phase of the development in works carried out using its own resources aimed at improving the spaces in which people drive their cars or walk and cycle. And the project doesn’t end there: in the near future, work will be expanded to the entrance of the second phase of Pinhal Velho.
The phase one project gave preference to hardy plants, which flower almost throughout the year, and focused on plant cover and in different material textures, with the aim of obtaining a landscaping effect rich in contrasts.
Rainwater drainage was another of the aspects considered in the works: in addition to clearing ditches, the same were also smoothed out, by applying gravel to the rainfall runoff sides.
The works included the use of anti-weed matting and black plastic hose piping as a means to control the growth of invasive plants and thus minimise the need for maintenance of the new planted spaces.
New waste disposal receptors have been placed at both entrances, extending the use of the unmistakable and exclusive receptors which are used in the centre of Vilamoura.