Inframoura Share app

Inframoura Share
Vilamoura in your hands!
Discover the App that lets you join in trouble as well as stay abreast of useful events and information.
Your Inframoura Share app
Inframoura Share is the mobile application that helps to live Vilamoura in a participatory and informative way.
From event consultation to information alerts and problem sharing, this app lets you have "Vilamoura in your hands".
This app provides Vilamoura residents with a participative role in the well-being of everyone in an intuitive and immediate way. With a simple "click" you can communicate all kinds of problems that you come across in Vilamoura, giving direct knowledge to Inframoura for their resolution.
Available in 4 languages
> Participation of problems
> Notice of Information
> Event Management
Available for free: Google Play / App Store
Developed by: Navia
Install the Inframoura Share app
Available for free download on Google Play and the App Store, depending on the mobile device, with the simple search for "inframoura".
View occurrences
When you open the application, choose your language and start exploring Vilamoura. You can view all events, warnings and / or occurrences through the list or the map. In each occurrence you can see the details, the location and the state of the resolution of the occurrences.
Tell us a problem
To report a problem, click "I want to report a problem." Identify the location, type of problem, take a picture and leave us a description.