With three years of the current mandate now complete, I can confirm that 2016 was a year of consolidation of the activity carried out by Inframoura, with the aim of ongoing improvements to service provision.

Inframoura’s operational strategy is upheld by four important pillars: environmental and economic sustainability, soft mobility, service quality and territorial competitiveness. The people working in this company have helped strengthen the structure of these pillars through their involvement and dedication.

The team’s use of new technical, administrative and operational management support software has enabled the identification of problems, monitoring performance and finding faster solutions to remedy some of the obstacles detected in the areas of Vilamoura and Vila Sol.

During this period, new challenges have been discovered through the permanent dialogue with leading local stakeholders. Important partnerships forged with Inframoura’s shareholders – Loulé Municipal Council and Vilamoura World –, with associations and local authorities and with Quarteira Parish Council will continue, with a mind to developing activities in an increasingly attractive territory.

On the other hand, Inframoura’s customers, with their involvement in the day-to-day of this territory and with their growing discernment, have contributed to us achieving ever increasing levels of quality. The new challenges with which Inframoura has been faced have been, and will be, overcome rigorously and competently, always with an eye to financial stability and to protecting the public assets managed by this company.

Together with Loulé Muncipal Council and with Vilamoura World, a range of projects are being developed that will give Vilamoura a well-established image of territorial quality, able to attract growingnumbers of residents and tourists.

Fátima Catarina

Chairwoman of the Inframoura Board of Directors