Inframoura has been investing in projects aimed at improving mobility conditions of public space users. 
To this end, a project is being implemented, in several phases, which combines technology with public space management.
One of the project’s components involves the installation of a smart traffic light system on the Avenida João Meireles, next to the junction with the Avenida da Praia da Falésia, which will enable traffic to be withheld prior to Vilamoura’s most central area. The reduction in speeds practiced and the promotion of pulses of traffic flow when arriving in the centre, in which the greatest traffic build-ups take place, will contribute towards improving traffic flow in this area.
At the same time an access control device is being installed at the intersection of the Avenida Tivoli with the Avenida da Marina, comprising a retractable bollard that will enable smart access management, through the recognition of previously authorised number plates, as in the case of prioritised vehicles, public services and emergency services. 
This device aims to alleviate the problem caused by the continuously circulating traffic (roundabout effect) on the Avenida da Marina and Avenida Tivoli (hotel ring) in the tourism high season, at peak times from 7.00 pm to 2.00 am. Accordingly the intention is to contribute to reducing traffic queues on these avenues and on the Rua do Sol. The device, installed in an integrated way with the “smartguard” computerised traffic management system, represents an improvement to access to Vilamoura’s centre.
In the opinion of Inframoura’s president, Fátima Catarina, “a huge influx of people to Vilamoura is envisaged shortly. Any measure aimed at preventing traffic disruption is positive. We realise that this is not enough to solve the problem, but it will surely help.”
Inframoura has already made improvements to the traffic light system at the intersection of the Estrada de Quarteira with the Avenida Carlos Mota Pinto, as well as a smart pedestrian crossing on the crossing of the Estrada de Quarteira next to the Escola EB 23 D. Dinis school. This upgrading involved improving the traffic and pedestrian detector system, through the introduction of innovative technology able to be managed remotely.
Other phases of the project are currently being studied.
All these technological solutions are aimed at an integrated management of the public space, bringing Vilamoura closer to a true “smart city” approach.


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