Part II of the intervention on the "Passeio das Dunas"

In order to continue the "Passeio das Dunas", will begin on February 18 the work of requalification of the section that connects the same to the Marina. The Marina Poente and the entire adjacent area to the Hotel Tivoli Marina will be the first intervened areas. With this project we intend to improve the urban quality as well as dignify the whole area, thus meeting the quality standards of Vilamoura.
To minimize possible disruption, the work will be divided into two phases and work will be interrupted in the summer period. As a result, an increase in heavy vehicle traffic may occur.
It should be noted that this work is the responsibility of the Municipality of Loulé. This work will also establish the link to the beach of Vilamoura, whose work will begin after the summer of 2019, in a partnership between the Municipality of Loulé and Inframoura.