Renovation of The Marina Beach Promenade Waste Water Pumping Station

One of the greatest investments planned for 2016 will take place on one of Vilamoura’s major thoroughfares.
It involves the renovation of the waste water pumping station (WWPS) of the promenade of Marina Beach, a facility serving the developments located around the Marina, and which is planned to take place this year.
The advanced deteriorated state of the facility, in need of general overhauling in terms of civil construction, and the high amount of energy it uses warrant urgent action.
However, the work also provides a unique opportunity to place the facility at ground level, reducing the visual impact of the building, giving a new function and returning mobility to the public space.
For this reason, Inframoura is studying a change to the initial project and assessing the costs of demolition, in addition to the costs of transferring an EDP transformer substation located there.
Following cost-benefit analysis of the intervention, tenders will be invited for the work – budgeted at more than €500,000 and which will begin after the summer.