Requalification project for Rua do Sol

The requalification project for Rua do Sol entered the final phase, with the completion of the final project review. This intervention provides for the renovation of buried infrastructures and public lighting.
Since Rua do Sol is one of the main access routes to the heart of Vilamoura and, currently, the only exit road, it is essential that secondary movements are canceled along the way, which may affect the effective use of this section.
Taking into account one of the strategic vectors of Inframoura - Accessibility and Mobility for All, the requalification of Rua do Sol also aims at improving the pedestrian mobility conditions, with the objective of returning this street to the pedestrian, increasing substantially the space destined for this, in a logic of redefinition of the area destined to the minimum necessary road circulation. Harmonizing and valuing the physical and visual image of the public space is also a priority of this project. This intervention will aim to adapt and equip the public space with urban elements, so as to give priority to comfort, ease of use and safety to the people who use this artery, creating for this purpose a network of accessible continuous paths.