Services and Facilities

The company, Inframoura, Empresa de Infraestruturas de Vilamoura, E.M., has been assigned responsibilities ranging from management of the urban space to the building and maintaining of public infrastructure components within the Vilamoura geographical area.

More to the point, these mainly include:
- Water distribution, conservation and maintenance of the mains, as well as water quality and consumption control;
- Sanitation;
- Management of the collection, transport and discharge at the ALGAR premises of the solid urban refuse generated in Vilamoura, whilst developing technical, economical and environmental modernisation methods for the disposal system, aimed at reducing, recycling or reusing such refuse;
- The planning and programming of urban cleaning and hygiene systems; 
- Maintenance of the green spaces and landscaped areas; 
- Cleaning of streets and public areas; 
- Maintenance of the street network;
- Urban revitalisation; 
- Carrying out building, repair, maintenance or adaptation work on infrastructure components; 
- Monitoring and inspection of infrastructure work carried out at property development complexes approved by the Loulé Council;
- Licensing, control and collection of taxes on outdoor advertising within the Vilamoura geographical area; 
- The placement, licensing and, whenever applicable, collection of taxes relating to directional, informative, institutional and commercial signage in streets and public infrastructure components managed by the company; 
- The licensing and control of private events staged in provisional or precarious premises with the support of public infrastructure managed by the company; 

And finally,
- The backing and promotion of sports, cultural, recreational, leisure, socio-cultural and tourist promotion events.

The company shareholding is held in partnership between the Loulé Municipal Council - which owns the majority - and Lusort, and Inframoura's responsibilities were delegated in December, 2006, as per Act No. 58/98 dated 18th August, 1998, and Act No. 169/99 of 18th September, 1999.