Smart Traffic on "Estrada de Quarteira"

The installation of the new traffic light, on "Estrada de Quarteira" (at the intersection with "Rua da Escola"), is part of a program of strategic interventions aimed at establishing an intelligent traffic management and control system in Vilamoura.
The objective is to reduce the rate of arrival of traffic to the center of Vilamoura, where greater constraints are verified, as well as the reduction of speeds practiced and the reinforcement of the safety of the intersection.
In addition to the traffic light, the intervention also provided for the installation of a license plate recognition camera (including brackets, cabling and installation) located at this intersection, its licenses, configuration and integration with the previously acquired Smartguard system to calculate travel time on time up to to the center of Vilamoura. In parallel, this system hierarchizes the circulation regime in three levels (green, yellow and red) according to the constraints recorded and calculated travel time.
This project at a later stage will relate to the public information panels, which will be installed in strategic locations with the aim of providing information on travel time from the periphery to the center of Vilamoura in real time to drivers.
The proposed system does not do image recording. The camera reads the license plate and sends the encrypted information to the server, where the travel time is calculated by passing the same vehicle at two predefined points. There is no possibility of querying ex-post registrations or any other processing of the data for any purpose other than that specified.