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Zero Licensing is a measure laid out in Simplex 2010 (a Government organised Programme) aimed at simplifying the establishment of, and changes to several businesses (e.g. restaurants, bakeries, confectioners, fruiterers, fishmongers, dietary product shops, hardware shops, laundries, workshops, hairdressers and beauty parlours) that introduced a simple method of establishing and operating them, namely for:

• Public area occupation.

• Advertising.

This new system means that licences, authorisations, inspections and other forms of permission required to run several types of business have been eliminated and businessmen are now responsible for complying with the legal and regulatory obligations.

All such communications referring to Zero Licensing can be made via the Businessman's Help Desk (BHD) - a national on-line platform. Interested parties are also able to send communications either to our site: www.inframoura.pt, On-line Service, Zero Licensing, Communications, via e-mail, or in person, by delivering a special form. 

Simple prior communication

Mere prior communication is a declaration made to Inframoura by the interested party to advise that, in compliance with the legislation and municipal bye-laws, that he/she wishes to:
• Occupy the public space adjoining the business establishment;
Inframoura receives the communication, but does not comment on it. A supporting document is issued, which, together with proof of payment of the fees, if applicable, acts as valid entitlement, to be produced in the event of inspections.

Exemption from communication

Displaying commercial type advertisements on private property that are visible from the public area is exempt from any communication to Inframoura, provided the criteria established by the CML (Loulé Council) and the statutory regulations in force are complied with, and provided the message:

• advertises the distinctive marks of the business or the owner of business on which it is displayed;

• advertises the goods or services available in the establishment on which it is affixed.

Download the form to your computer, fill it in, save and attach it to your request below and click on 'send'.

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